The other day I mentioned how much I love my job. I also enjoy my time away from there.  My vacations are now planned out for this year. This is the first time in many years that we aren’t heading to California in October and it seems strange.

Instead, this spring break we will head to California.  My wife has booked a couple conventions and I’m really excited about them.  Because… ROAD TRIP!


The end of Route 66.

We drive south at least once a year as a family.  My favorite part is the small stops we make along the way.  Good food, unique sites, and of course the beaches.

We spend about 24 hours driving down.  We hit Costco for some cheap food and gas.  We also hit at least two In-N-Out Burgers. Part of our journey involves watching “The Blue Planet” DVDs from BBC.  They are fantasticly visual and educational.  I’ve learned so much about our planet and my children enjoy the movies.

The journey is part of the reason we choose to drive.  We’ve seen some cool things and we spend time together talking.  Enjoying a road trip is a dying art.  Yes, my kids play with their Nintendo 3ds, iPads, or cellphones with headphones on when we need that small break from each other.  Surprisingly, the kids have put down these devices on their own accord just to look out the window to check out the scenery.

I know sometime soon we won’t all be going on these trips.  In fact a month later, we are doing a road trip without our eldest.  It will be strange.  I will be sad.  It won’t be the same.  I am putting my daughter’s education first and she is ok having a weekend away from her family.

Vacation is time away from routine.  It recharges and invigorates the soul.

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