Getting my thoughts out

I’m often finding myself sharing my writing in the late evening or even overnight.  It’s currently 1:15am as I work on this entry.  I’ll be continuing upon my awakening.  This entry will most likely be posted by noon after some revisions.

My writing style is simple.  What I write about is whatever comes to mind.  I’m currently on a mission to write everyday, because I’m worried that if I miss one day, it’ll become easy to miss a second day, and another…  My inspiration comes at random moments throughout the day.  Sometimes I’ll be in the shower, other times I’ll be scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, but often times I’m driving.  The ideas always seem to start while I’m in my car listening to news radio and driving the same stretch of roads doing my daily commute.  Funny thing is, I don’t have the same commute every day.  Most mornings I drive my children to the Fine Arts school about fifteen minutes from our home.  Afternoons, I pick them up and bring them home.  Then they get driven all around our town for the various after school activities.

My work commute has me driving between two different locations, depending on where I’m needed.  Some days I drive towards the North Shore where I see the mountains and the river and have the joy of being stuck in traffic for an hour or so (we can talk about road rage some other time).  Other times, I drive to a location near the river under a bridge, tucked at the bottom of the hills.  My commute to work can take place any time of day, afternoon, or night.  I’ve done all of these drives numerous times over the years.  Even though I travel around, it’s always the same routes, which causes my mind to wander.  It’s during these drives that ideas come to me.

The ideas start on these journeys, but often times it is when I get home that the ideas get completed.  My home fills me with joy.  There’s an air of tranquility here that is needed to finish my thoughts.  When the sun is out, there are beautiful trees with various animals scampering about to focus on.  If it’s late at night or dreary, I can sit by my fire with a drink and focus on the stone wall & wood beams to bring forth inspiration.


Panorama of my home.

I don’t know where my musings will take me, but I am enjoying writing them and sharing with everyone.  My fears from a couple weeks ago of whether my writing is worthwhile have subsided.  The energy and excitement of getting my thoughts out keep me going.  I have drafts ready in case one day I won’t be sure of what I should write.  I am using the mobile app of WordPress to have handy as thoughts bounce through my mind.

Getting my thoughts out is my way of sharing with the world my love and appreciation for everything and everyone.

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