All my life I have taken naps.  It’s something I look forward to every day.  I may have even posted about napping on Facebook on the odd occasion.

Never anything good on.

It all started when I was younger.  Like most small children, I was afraid of the dark.  This caused me to stay up really late with a light on.  After school, I’d come home and nap until dinner.  This continued on into my teenage years.  My parents gave me cable TV and I’d be up most of the night watching infomercials and bad TV.


Vancouver is beautiful at night.

I’ve always loved being awake during the night time.  The lights on the sides of roads, the neon signs, the contrast of lights from buildings in the darkness.

Now as an adult I work shift work. I was pretty much made for it. Over the past few years, I have worked on-call: pretty much 24/7. If I’m not on-call, I like to work straight nights.


Nothing like work calling to wake you up.

Working on-call means I could be called into work any time of day.  Now I nap any time of day or night.  It may sound strange, but a nap at 2am is surprisingly refreshing.  Most of my life is filled with short naps and going out enjoying life in between.


Any time is nap time.

I’ve even mastered the art of passing out within seconds of my head hitting the pillow.  I’ll wake up just as quickly.  In my home, I’ll take my naps on one of three different couches, or in my bed or in my son’s unused bunk bed.  Napping in my car is also known to happen.  I’ve gone to work knowing that I’d be working again in a few hours, so I’ll even put an air mattress in the back of my wife’s Pathfinder and pass out.

As an adult, naps keep me sane.  Sometimes the weight of the world requires a rest.  Other times, I’ll feel like I’m getting sick, and sleep in order to revitalize my body.  Those who know me, know how much I love napping.  I’ve done it at my friends’ homes, on their boats, and in their backyards.  It’s a part of who I am.

Anyways, I’m going to head off and take nap number two of the day.

Do not disturb.

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