Spoilers suck.  We’ve all been a victim to this phenomenon at one point or another.  And it sucks.  The worst part?  It’s usually a “friend” that posts such things without a care in the world.


Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

Personally, I haven’t gotten to a point in social media that makes me want to “unfriend” a person because of spoilers- but it’s been damn close.  Why people feel the need for ruining a show or movie or sporting event is beyond me.  There is a certain etiquette that reasonable people should follow when posting something.  Write in big letters: SPOILERS before you proceed to get hated on.

If people ask for “no spoilers” perhaps show some respect and don’t be a dick.  Sure something dramatic just occurred on a popular tv show and 85% of your friends are watching it at the same time, but the other 15% may not be able to until later on, so don’t post IMMEDIATELY THAT SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED.  Yes, it was shocking.  Yes, you want to express your feelings.  Yes, others feel the same.  No, not everyone has had the chance to feel that emotional roller coaster you just went through.


Danger is my middle name.

This brings me to the other side of the coin.  If you are on social media- there will be spoilers.  There is no one to blame but yourself if this happens.  If you don’t wish to unfriend someone, simply “Block” or “Unfollow” them temporarily before they have a chance to ruin anything.  I’ve had to filter my newsfeed from The Nerdist because they have been known to spoil many shows before they are even aired.


Don’t be a Dodgson.

Posting spoilers is the new “FIRST COMMENT” from when the Internet began. I don’t care if you saw the video before anyone else.  There’s still no need to be a douche and brag about it.

If it’s been a week and the next episode is about to begin, spoil away.  People have had enough time to catch up and it’s probably already been ruined by someone else.

Finally, unless you know that your friend is watching the show at the same time as you, don’t text them spoilers.  That is real-life unfriending behavior.  All that being said- if you post spoilers, I’m going to judge you for being a dick.

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