Build me a Lightsaber


You light up my life.


You read that correctly.  Don’t buy me a Lightsaber.  We have three Force FX sabers currently.   Don’t get me wrong, they are awesome and I’m still on the look out for a Mace Windu Force FX saber.  But a custom, not mass-produced, killer looking hilt with a vibrant color blade would be fantastic.

So, I would like one built for me.  There are amazing artists out there that can do this.


There is a TR-8R among us.

The first site I ever heard of for custom Lightsabers was Park Sabers (this was like back when the Internet was invented).  These guys were making Lightsabers for people before Hasbro’s Force FX.

If you want to build one from scratch, head on over to Custom Saber Shop and piece it out.  More thought may be required, but check out some of those cool parts!


It’s all in the details.

Some of the most amazing custom built Sabers are at Ultra Sabers.

There is one amazing artist who makes some crazy “unstable blades” and some fantastic leather work.  So, be sure and follow Vader Head on Instagram.

Now that I’ve pointed you into the right locations…  My birthday is coming up soon.  So, maybe a gift idea?

A long time ago, to infinity and beyond.

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