Sometimes I wish I were more artistic.  I’m not very musical in any way, so that’s out.  I am only just starting to write again, so until it really takes off, I’m not counting that either.  Personally, I don’t think I can draw very well either, but my kids think I’m good at it.  The thing is I enjoy trying out different art forms as a hobby. I’m sort of okay at it I guess.


Art we’ve picked up over the years.

Back in high school I took concert band, electronic music, computer art, photography, photojournalism, electronics, art, and creative writing classes.  I always enjoyed these classes, but also noticed that there are far more talented people out there than myself.  Over the years, I have made friends with many talented artists, all excelling in their chosen passions.  I am always willing to try new things, and love the challenge of learning new skills.  Last year I began using Instagram and like most folks, fell in love with the ease of the website and app.  Photography has changed drastically over the past few decades since I went to school.  I must have a few hundred thousand pictures stored on my computer, and I take a few hundred every month on my smart phone as well.  Getting the perfect shot doesn’t matter much anymore since it can be manipulated with ease.  My days of yore when we would use a dark room have vanished.  Film is obsolete and has been for years.

Random on pillow1


Manipulating images has been around since my teens.  For computer art class, I believe the program we used back in high school was called “Corel Draw”.  It was a program that showed me the basics of creating computer generated images.  I have used that knowledge as a base for Photoshop.  When we got our first digital camera back in 2002, I used Photoshop regularly to edit out “red-eye” and manipulate my photos to appear much prettier.  I still have the folder on my hard drive called “To Be Photoshopped” that has been transferred onto my fourth computer since 2002.  The photos are crappy because of the 1.5 mega pixel camera we used, but the memories are beautiful.

Banner 2016

Yes, we have a small business to promote.

Earlier this month, I used Photoshop in one of the most basic of its uses- I designed new labels for my wife’s hats.  Nothing fancy, just updated the text in the image, but I enjoyed doing it.  Today, I created a new banner for her to use at conventions.  Again it was a simple use for Photoshop, but I enjoyed making it.  Creating simple, but eye catching artwork/images is the part of my my wife’s business that I am pretty good at.  She also let me re-name her business from “The Little Hat Shop” many years ago and create a website for her that she currently uses today.  If it wasn’t for her business, we’d probably never have traveled to numerous Comic Cons and collected some amazing artwork from many talented artists.

I think I will continue to dabble in Photoshop for years to come.  There is so much more that I can do with it.  I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I’ll end today’s blog post with a collection of some of the artwork I’ve done for her over the years.  Notice that even I’m getting better!




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