Crosswords and musicals

I always challenge my mind and brain power.  Crosswords are something that I enjoy doing even though I’ve rarely done any on my own.  My wife and I have being doing crossword puzzles since we met.  The one thing I’ve noticed with newspaper puzzles over the years?  They repeat answers.  Which is good, since I know 100% that Aida is the Giuseppe Verdi opera.  A fact I knew before these puzzles because I saw the opera when it came to Vancouver back in 1989.

Sing for me angel of music.

It’s the only true opera that I have ever seen.  Foreign language, outrageous sets, over the top performances, live elephants, and a fat lady singing.  It was an experience to remember, and one that changed my life. I fell in love with classical music and stage performances.  I received an Aida advertising banner from a friend of my mother’s and it hung on my bedroom door for years.  A couple of years later, in 1991, I saw “The Phantom Of The Opera.” Musicals now ruled my life.

Over the years I have enjoyed watching musical theater.  I’ve seen every Andrew Llyod Webber show that has come to town.  I have almost all of them on CD (you know, those things that are physical copies containing music).  But my favorite musical has to be Les Misérables.  I’ve seen it performed twice at The Queen Elizabeth Theater in Vancouver.  I also enjoy watching the PBS concert DVD with friends and sing along.  Especially to “Master of the House” that one is my favorite song.

“This only goes to show, what little people can do!”

When South Park: Bigger Longer  & Uncut came out in 1999, Matt Stone claimed in an interview that the film was inspired by Les Miz.  I believe it.  Even in it’s vulgarity, the South Park film contains some of the most catchiest tunes ever.  Songs that are still fun to sing when drunk.

As I get older and my tastes change, I still have a soft spot for the familiarity of a good musical.  Even Disney films that I re-watched with my children as they grew up bring me joy.  Having an eclectic taste has allowed me to appreciate a good satire or a classical piece without judgement.

Now back to my crossword and finding a five letter word to complete this phrase, “Oh my god! They killed _____!”

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