The perfect smile.  Almost everyone I know has had orthodontics done.  Some people had to wait until adulthood to get braces, others like myself, had the joy of getting them as a teenager.  The orthodontist from my teenage years is now the same orthodontist that my children are seeing.


Having straight teeth is aesthetically pleasing to see, but comes at a price.  The price is a few thousand dollars.  It is also years of pain as your teeth get forced into position that is somehow supposed to be natural.  The human mouth works hard daily masticating food numerous times throughout the day.  We also spend a large amount of time speaking, singing or yelling.  We show our teeth to display feelings of happiness or anger.  We are often so self-conscious of our looks and how we look to others that sometimes it prevents us from sharing our true feelings.  I’m convinced that it’s all a ploy from Hollywood and dentists in order to make more money and make everyone look the same.


Even after getting braces and a perfect smile, people still refuse to show their teeth.  Whether you have crooked teeth, straight teeth, yellow teeth, missing teeth, etc… your smile is your smile.  I have a smile that shows off my gums and an overbite.  But I don’t care.

After everything is said and done, if you’re happy and you know it and you really want to show it… Clap your hands.

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