I’m not successful in many aspects of my life.  I’m not a financial mogul or have zero debt.  I’m not well travelled.  I don’t consider myself to be holding a career.  I don’t really know how to measure success either.  Perhaps success doesn’t need to be measured by numbers.

I have a job that pays me quite well.  It provides me with enough money to live contentedly.  I have a house with some property in a market that is out of control these days.  I have a wife of fifteen years who cares about me.  I have three children, all of whom are fantastic and generally happy.  I also have friends.  Friends who have been there for me throughout the years.  

I am on a new journey lately of writing out my opinions and memories.  I’m doing this as a way to share a more in-depth look into who I am with my friends.  So, I began to blog.  I write about 500 words/day to keep it an easy read.  Maybe I’ll make money off my writing, or maybe I won’t.  No big deal.  

As most of you know, sharing on Facebook can be difficult.  So, I made a page this past Wednesday devoted to the greatest man in my life-me.  To my astonishment, within two days, nearly one hundred of my friends chose to follow and like it.  I’m thinking some of you enjoy reading my thoughts, some of you just click “like” to shut me up, and some a bit of both.  Also, if you like my writing, by all means share with your friends my little Facebook page (shameless self promotion Saturday).


“Without obsession, life is nothing.” -John Waters

Like most people, I decided to look myself up online (I do believe this is called ego-surfing) to see if people could find my page, as well as to see what was out there.  Apparently, I’m not the only Josef Havelka who lives in the social media land.  Most other “Josefs” live in European countries.  One is a photographer/artist.  Most of the others are just regular guys.  I’m impressed that my name drew a few hits in return.

I’m going to leave you with a quote from  a Josef Havelka:

“Either sit at home in the corner, cry over… what you screwed up and throw it on the other mistakes… Or start doing something, get up and fight, then you can say, I did… that’s why everything…”

It’s poorly translated, but hey, it gets right to the point.  Sort of.

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