I love making big breakfasts.  My family loves it when I make breakfast.  I’m constantly trying new things.  Sometimes I make deep fried hashbrowns, bacon and sunny side up eggs for everyone.  Scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese served with farmer sausage and country fried seasoned potatoes are another favorite.  Recently I made an amazing baked egg in avacado served with warm salsa and bacon bits.  In the summer with fresh vegetables and herbs I find myself making omelettes in a variety of fashions. 


Mmmm freshness.

Ah, summer.  I love making breakfast in the summer, sitting outside enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, and looking out into my wooded backyard.  Fresh air, birds chirping, and lush plants make it such a pleasure to be alive.  We live a few blocks away from the Krause Berry Farms and I am a sucker for fresh fruit.  We make smoothies or put the fresh berries into sparkling wine at breakfast (if we don’t have mimosas mind you).  But the best is fresh fruit on home made waffles with fresh whipped cream.  

During our travels, we do our best to stay at hotels that offer breakfast.  A few years ago we noticed that there was often these waffle irons and waffle batter available to make in the mornings at most hotels.  Much better than stale donuts and toast.  When we got home, we ended up buying a flipable waffle iron for us to use.  It has gotten such a good work out, we bought a second one in order to make twice as many waffles in half the time.


Chocolate cake mix waffles. So good.

Now, here’s a little secret I learned for making amazing waffles:  Use a boxed cake mix.  Chocolate cake waffles end up tasting like cupcakes.  Even a lemon cake mix stays light and fluffy in the middle. Serve with some ice cream and fresh blue berries or strawberries for a wonderful summer brunch.  Now I’m hungry…

This summer, feel free to come over for some brunch, I’d love to cook for all my friends!

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