Finding beauty

Everyday I wake up and look out the window from my bed.  All I see is beautiful fir trees and it fills me with peace.  A gentle breeze or a bit of rain (ok, sometimes a lot of rain since we are in the West Coast) and the trees look like they are tickling the air.

My view every time I wake up.

Notice something missing from the view?  Here’s a hint: Blinds.  The old blinds were the cheap thin beige colored plastic type.  We haven’t had curtains or blinds hung up for a couple of years now.  As much as this has been ok, it makes sleeping because of shift work difficult.  I have been using a sleep mask for years now, and that’s been working pretty good.  But our room is still feeling unfinished without some sort of window treatment.

The window to the soul is through the eyes.

That changed today.  Now, I can block out the sun that keeps me awake during one of my Naps. However, I am losing my first view of nature in doing so.  I’m happy in a way of the final result.  Our master bedroom is coming along slowly.  Thank goodness we took out the 70’s shag carpet that even went into the ensuite bathroom when we first moved in…  


Blind installation achieved.

From now on, I’ll have to take a few steps to open the blinds and peer out into my yard.  I’ll still see the beauty of the trees, but I can also admire the beauty of our home as it gets closer to completion.

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