Epic Meals

I love having people over for dinners.  It takes a lot of effort to plan out an evening with friends. I have found a way to gather people over and enjoy a night of food.  Sometimes it is a Deep Fried Super Bowl Extravaganza.  This time it’s Epic Mealtime Meatloaf.

A few years ago, the YouTube channel, EpicMealTime was a fun channel to watch.  I watched them turn fast food, bacon strips, & Jack Daniels Sauce into glorious food concoctions.  One of the greatest was Fast Food Meatloaf.  It has inspired our third meatloaf extravaganza.  We have people begging us to make it again after trying it.  Here’s our Epic Meatloaf:


20 lbs of ground beef.


Batch number one getting mixed.


Batch number two getting mixed.


12 Jack In The Box Bacon Cheesburgers for filling.


Placing the burgers on a bacon blanket.


Let’s fit those burgers in!


The burgers needed a nice shredded cheddar cheese blanket.


The last of the meat goes on.


Ready for the oven.

Now to start our nearly 30 lbs of meat cooking.  In the meantime we are preparing 20 lbs of mashed potatoes as a side.  Our kids are so excited, they are helping to clean the house for our guests.

I’m off to get the Tums as our dessert following this meat coma.  Mmmm meat.

One comment

  1. Charles G. · March 13, 2016

    Das EpiCrazie!


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