Waiting in line, so that I can wait in second line, then wait in another line so that I can wait in a line for a two minute ride.

I love Disneyland.  Specifically California Adventure.  They have alcohol.  And you can wander the park enjoying a drink while you wait in line.  They also have Fastpass.  A great way to enjoy rides throughout the day without too much hassle.  (Tip: remember to check the bottom of the ticket for when you can get your next Fastpass!)  And for those of you with small ones- Switchpass.  We totally used that option our first trip.  We’ve come to master the art of enjoying the more popular rides two to three times while it’s busy without much waiting.  We squeeze in the rides with a five/ten minute wait while we wait for the main rides.



Of course Disneyland gets everyone hyper.  This is where I need to have patience.  I need to remember that I was young once, and I was overwhelmed by all the excitement.  The kids are walking around everywhere, going on thrill rides, and sometimes eating junk food.  This affects their moods.  It affects my mood.  I know it affects me, so I need to control how I react.  After about eight hours, I know that we all need to stop and recalibrate.  It’s also a perfect time to grab a turkey leg and an adult beverage.  This makes my trip a little more calm.  Time for mom & dad to goof off (a bit).


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