Trying new foods

Over the past few years, I’ve decided to really broaden my horizons when it comes to food.  I’ve been sampling more authentic cuisines from around the world.  At home, I like to play and experiment with foods that sound appealing.  Vegetables have been in my diet for about 15 years now.  Before that, everything was meat and potatoes or fast food and greasy.  I still go back to that on occasion, but nowhere near the extent of my early twenties.

Some major experiences of authentic cuisine include Pho a couple of years ago, Shawarma last year, last month was a dinner of Southern made gumbo and Po’ Boys, and Ramen noodles for the first time last night.  I’m not talking about Mr. Noodles.  I’m talking about a full bowl of pork, bamboo, garlic, fresh made noodles & a soft boiled egg that was peeled after the first boil, marinated in soy sauce, and boiled again!  It was freaking amazing.


My wife is impressed that I’m willing to try new foods without sticking my nose up at it.  She should be.  When we first started dating she made whole wheat muffins for me.  I sat down for tea and muffins with her and choked down an entire muffin.  It was awful.  Turns out the whole wheat flour had gone bad, but since our relationship was just starting, I was being kind and eating everything.  Also, I wanted to impress the girl (Everything I did seemed to work, we have been married since 2001).

I am glad that I’ve broadened my horizons when it comes to food.  It makes me proud to know that my kids love trying new foods as well.  I have no regrets about waiting to try new foods.  It just seems that lately happens to be the right times and the right places.  I’m loving the experiences and hope to keep trying new foods.

All done.


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