I love living on the outskirts of Vancouver.  The weather is warmer, BBQ season is year round, and everything is green 90% of the time. Spring is here and summer follows soon after.  The biggest downside- allergies.

I’m allergic to dogs, cats, birds, and dust. I’m also allergic to all things that pollinate.  As much as I love the look of nature, I sometimes feel I should be locked away and given a lifetime supply of tissues.  There is nothing worse than stepping out of your home to enjoy the sun shining, hear the birds chirping & listen to the children playing only to have it all come to a screeching halt because plants are sending out their sex seedlings for my eyes and nose to intercept.


I swear people are out there shaking the plants just to make me suffer.  I just want to kill all the plant life and make them sterile!  Living on an acre surrounded by trees, my life is filled with a constant battle of allergy meds and staying alert.


As with most people with airborne alergies, I suffer from asthma as well.  
Asthmatic problems aside, breathing is a favorite hobby of mine.  I kinda need to do it to live.  But seriously, why must I be a mouth breather for most of the year?  Bugs often attempt Komikaze missions straight into my mouth.  Some are successful.  Ever taste a flying ant?

I’m off to find a corner and sulk.  At least no one can tell if I’m crying because of misery or allergies.

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