Years to come

As I have eluded, nay, outright stated- I’m on this planet to enjoy my life.  I’ve come to a conclusion that there is more to life than what I’ve experienced so far.  Some people call it a bucket list, I’m going to call it my “Sure, Why Not?” List. And this list keeps growing.  Sometimes I find myself doing something unique or new, then adding it to the list afterwards just so I can cross it off.

The road to a better life.

I also don’t have many regrets about my life up to this point.  Maybe a few moments of “what if?” but that’s about it.  Any time I’ve screwed up- I’ve accepted the outcome.  Any time something good has happened- I have tried to share the wealth (so to speak).  I don’t try and gloat about my accomplishments, although I’m sure it may appear that way, but I’d rather focus on the positive in my life than the negative.  There is no need to be a Negative Nancy when there is so much good in this world.  
Purposely portraying positivity is more than just alliteration, it’s a challenge.

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