Colorful language

I grew up in a household where every other word my father spoke was a cuss word.  For years I avoided swearing because I didn’t want to be like my father.  Of course I swore from time to time.  Then I started working at the railroad.  Now I use foul language in my everyday speech.

But only at work is it very prominent.  Everything is emphasized with the “EFF dash dash dash word” or some shit like that.  I do use the colorful language around my home and friends, but I genuinely try and express myself without it.  That is a challenge.  Especially when I meet new people or hit the convention circuit with my wife.  When I’m out there, I’m part of her business.  There is no need to add a cuss when trying to sell cute furry ears.

Personally, I’d like to make it a goal to lessen the harshness of my vocabulary at work.  But that’s going to be the challenge.  Replacing words with fudge, frak, shucks,shoelace, dangit, golly gee, etc… won’t have the same impact, but I think it will add a lightness to the work environment.  As stressful as my job is, I enjoy it and enjoy the people I work with. I’d like to keep the respect and think maybe my language needs to show that.

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