Mother’s Day 2016

The post today seems like a no-brainer, so here we go:

When my wife and I first met, we knew that we wanted children in our lives.  We both had ideas of how to raise them, what we would do differently from how we were raised, and how many children we wanted running around the homestead.  I think that we have met all of those criteria that we set out to do.  Most of this is because of what a wonderful mother my wife has been to our children.  

My wife worked part time for a hot air balloon company. we enjoyed the perks of a few free flights and sparkling wine. She was given these glasses as a thank you.

After our first daughter was born, my wife returned to work for a short bit after her maternity leave was over.  But that didn’t last long, she missed her daughter.  So, a couple years later, after our second daughter was born, my wife became a stay at home mother.  She did some part time work during the hours that I was home to do the parenting.  This allowed for her to get out and enjoy adult conversations.  Plus she worked for a hot air balloon, that was a cool job and her kids thought so as well.  I would take  our children to watch a few take offs and landings, so my wife still got to be the mother she wanted to be.


After our third child was born, my wife decided she wanted to spend more time at home raising the kids.  Financially this has been difficult, but I am 100% sure that this has been the right decision.  Mothering of our three kids is a full time job.  Over the years, she has taught them life skills and the kids have benefited from her knowledge.  From daily chores to learning how to bake- she has shown them a bit of everything.  Our children went to preschool, and then into the public school system.  My wife then began sewing winter hats to keep busy while they were out during the days (and bring in some extra income).  

Why have one waffle maker, when two makes double the amount!

Today for Mother’s Day, the children and I made fresh waffles and we will be doing our best to pamper their mother.  My wife still wants to do things and work around the house, so we can’t really stop her.  

Recognizing her hard work.

Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother I know.  I’m lucky to have her raising our children, and the children are lucky as well.  They know it, and they will show it today.  Also because dad said so!

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