Music of the 90’s

Yesterday a friend on Facebook posted a music video that I hadn’t seen in about 20 years- Pulp’s Common People.  It got me thinking about how many CDs I own that are hidden away in a trunk.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 albums.  All of them were transferred onto my computer a few years ago- that took me a few weeks to do mind you.  Besides thinking of my music collection of the 90’s hidden away to be brought out when I have grandkids or something, I thought back to the many concerts I attended with friends.

Concerts are great.  The musicians put on a damn good performance every time.  My favorite concert that I ever attended was Lollapalooza in 1994 when it was held on the Cloverdale Fair Grounds.  I was 18 that summer and just finished high school.  Lollapalooza was the show that everyone talked about graduating year.  I went with about a couple dozen friends and we loved it.  It was a hot sunny day at the start of summer.  I mostly remember the music, the crowds of people, the ambiance and smoking.  Lots of smoking.  The rest of the show was a haze, but I found someone who remembered the lineup and the show a bit more than I did.  (Read the article here) 

My most vivid memory is Green Day stopping in their first song and yelling at the crowd to pick up the girl who had fallen down in the mosh pit. They warned that they would walk off stage if the crowd didn’t treat people with respect.  From that moment on, the show rocked out until the final act.  The end of the show closed with The Smashing Pumpkins.  It was so bad, that most of my friends and I returned to a buddy’s place a few blocks away.  When we got there, we could hear the music clearly as the show closed down.  As we each had a few drinks at his place, we discovered that what we thought was a tan from being outside, turned out to be dirt.  Dirt that had gotten into belly buttons, noses and ears.

Living in my youth of Green Day and outdoor concerts.

The rest of the summer season was spent enjoying the CDs from all the bands we saw on stage.  Probably my favorite music that year was Green Day and Beastie Boys.  Earlier this week, a friend of mine posted that she was listening to the local classic rock station, only to hear Green Day being played.  I guess that’s my generation now.  Climbing into the classic rock of memories and trying to piece together our past from whatever brain cells we have remaining.

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