Adam Ruins Everything

I discovered a show last fall when traveling in California.  Late night in the hotel, there it was, being marathoned on the tv like a Netflix series.  So, I binge watched it.  I learned so much about things I never knew I needed to know.  The truth behind diamond rings?  How about tipping at a restaurant?  Speaking of tips- there’s an episode about circumcision.  

The humor and education behind the show makes it worth watching.  It’s not like going on Facebook and posting opinions without facts.  This show cites all the facts and legitimate sources.  LEGITIMATE SOURCES.  Yes, the facts are real and sometimes shocking, that’s what makes it great.  Adam has great hair and glasses as well.  The guy is like an encyclopedia (those are books btw) of knowledge.  

There were only 12 episodes for season one.  I’m excited about season two that should be starting up soon.  If you haven’t seen it, click on this fantastic picture of Adam and check out some of the clips and educate your friends!

Adam Ruins Everything

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