Do it better.

“Everything has already been done.  Every story has been told.  Every scene has been shot.  It’s our job to do it one better.”  Stanley Kubrick

I don’t make movies, but this quote is an excellent mantra for my life.  Going through the motions of just existing is not what I want to do.  I love taking an idea and improving on it.  Cooking is one place where I seek to create the best meals possible.  From recipes that were taught to me by my father to the ones I find online- these are just a foundation for meals.

I’ve mentioned before how I love traveling with my family.  It’s something that I never really did as a child.  My father never came to Disneyland or away to a lake.  It was my mother’s job to do these things for my sister and I.  They weren’t true “Family Vacations” so I have chosen a different route.  I do my best to make sure the entire family goes on trips.  Being a partner with my wife is one way I am improving on what I feel is what being a good father should be. 

My life is a constant show where the rules are changing and being one step ahead of the curve has become my goal.  Offering my knowledge to others of where I have succeeded and where I could have done better is my way of getting other people to do one better.  I’m not the first man to walk on the moon nor will I be the 1,000th.  I know my limits and will push them beyond my comfort level to see what happens.

Like Jack Skellington said, “I bet I could improve it too!  And that’s exactly what I’ll do!”

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