May 16, 2016

Ten years ago today our third child was born.  He has become an amazing little person over the years. Since it’s his birthday, I’m going to discuss who this little guy is as he is today.


He’s only quiet when he sleeps.

Josef Bruno Theory Havelka V:

  • Goes by his middle name Theory.
  • His nicknames include: Theer Bear, T, & BearBee.


  • He talks.  He talks A LOT.  There is always something on his mind that he needs to share.
  • He is an excellent speed skater (read about it here:My Son, The Future Olympian)
  • He loves playing with all things Lego.  He inherited my collection of Lego and has since amassed a substantial amount more.
  • He loves video games and is quite amazing at them, often beating me quite badly.
  • He loves spending time with me (I wrote about it here:Father/son Time) and is always trying to impress me.

Best Little Brother

  • He is one of the kindest boys I have ever met.  He is always inclusive when it comes to playing with other kids.  He never wants anyone to feel left out.
  • He is smart.  Sometimes too smart.  He has a wicked memory and has put me in my place once or twice correcting what I have said.
theory xmas 2010

Always the center of attention.

I’m glad that he has completed our family dynamic.  Our life just wouldn’t be the same without him here.  I love the little man, and often see some of my childlike qualities in him.  I hope he has the  Happiest of Birthdays today!

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