Giving into tastes

Sometimes you throw away your sense of pride and let your taste buds take over your brain.  I’m taking about midnight snacking.

Last night, after everyone went to bed, I had a couple of cheap beers and cracked open a bag of beef jerky.  A few days ago, our deep fat fryer was left on the counter so I had to make mozzarella sticks.  There’s something that goes hand-in-hand with late night feasting and unhealthy choices.

Usually I eat ripple potato chips.  We would go through bags of them every week.  For the past couple of months our chip supply has been almost non-existent.  In a way I’m glad because as a tall thin fellow- my profile has been showing off more belly than it used to.  The lack of easy junk food in our home has kept me from wanting to feast before sleeping.  I could deep fry more food, but that takes effort.  Effort I don’t have at midnight.  So more often than not, I forgo the snacks.  Even a plate of leftovers is too much work.  Since I don’t like to eat much in the way of sweets- candy, cakes, & chocolate don’t appeal to me as an option.

I’m also becoming more active again.  The spring convention season had me walking far more than usual, and my wife has been taking the family out for walks, which has helped in getting more exercise.  With the weather being so nice, we’ve been doing more outside as well.  I mixed about thirty bags of cement in a little over a week to finish off part of our deck area.  For me exercise without results is mere torture. 

If this keeps up, I’ll have my “Summer Bod” ready for the speedo by the pool.

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