Long Weekends

While everyone packs up and heads out of town, I will be heading into work.  Long weekends (or most weekends for that matter) don’t mean much to me anymore.  I am lucky to be getting paid overtime for working on a statutory holiday while everyone else battles traffic, airports or ferries to get to their destination.

Of course people will enjoy their extra day off away from work- I know I always like that as well.  But as much as the trip or time away will be enjoyed, it will be quickly forgotten and the complaints will start as people wait in lines or the weather may change.  Remember to post about the good times on social media as you experience them.  Don’t let the dulldrums of the return home spoil your weekend!

As well- remember that the people working this weekend at the gas station, restaurant, police, or whatever the case may be, would love to spend time away from work.  Give an extra smile or high five to these people putting in the time as you enjoy the weekend.

Be safe out there and have fun!  I want to hear all about the good times you are having.  They may inspire me to travel elsewhere or do something new on my days off!

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