How shiny and 80’s.

As a child in the 80’s, I sort of watched WWF.  I knew the names of most of the main wrestlers- Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, André the Giant… but the show never really took hold into my little brain.  By the late 90’s I sort of took an interest in it again.  Pay-per-views and Monday Night Raw was a regular occurrence with friends.  It was a fun bond with my friends as we watched D-Generation X, Stone Cold, Mankind, The Rock & others beat each other regularly.

As we watched the shows, we drank beers and goofed off after the credits rolled and the last man was pinned.  It was a social event every month to get together and watch the main events.  Shortly after I started at the movie theater they began showing the PPVs as well.  My buddies and I would go and watch them for free and sneak beers in and get rowdy with the crowds.  It was a blast.  The storylines, the drama, the action- it was like watching a soap opera for men.

Some truth behind this.

I stopped watching WWE around when my first child was born.  This was also the time that WWF had changed to WWE and had bought out WCW.  There were far too many storylines and the “talent” was fading.  Wrestling also faded away from my life as my new responsibilities came forward.  Only in the past few months have I slowly begun getting sucked back into it.  I am only watching the PPVs, but it feels like a warm blanket, engulfing me with a Dutch Oven comfort of years long since past.

My buddy from when we worked at the movie theater  has been an avid fan and watches every show, every Pay-Per-View, and listens to every podcast & interview out there.  Lucky for me, he educates me on what’s been going on as I lounge at his place to watch the monthly spectacle.  Sometimes I bring my ten year old son to watch the matches.  He has a small interest, but I’m sure he too will find solace in watching the shows.

In a way we’re getting the next generation set to enjoy a lifetime of storytelling from the square ring.  Wrastlin’ is fun and I check my brain at the door.

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