Coffee, tea, soda, or energy drinks.  Everyone has a way of getting that burst of energy.  Personally I go for coffee.  My wife and I share a pot every morning.  Even if I’m coming home from a nightshift.  This makes us about 2-3 cups each.  On a rare occasion we make a second pot.  It all depends on how our day before went…

When I first started working shift work or nights, I would pick up a large energy drink or two.  I did this for a few years until I realized that I was getting severe heartburn regularly.  It only took my body a few days to return to normalcy.  Now, I only have an energy drink once or twice a year-usually on the fourth day of a ComiCon.  This is because hotel breakfast coffee is the worst and trying to justify spending $5 at Starbucks on a black coffee is difficult.  


My tastes in coffee are simple.  Inexpensive (but not bottom of the barrel cheap), hot, and two sugar- no matter what size- two sugar adds the exact sweetness I need for my coffee.  Like the chemical compounds for the caffeine to sugar ratio has nothing to do with the liquid itself.  

Coffee doesn’t keep me awake either.  I could drink a pot of coffee to myself and then go straight to sleep.  I drink coffee more for the fact that I always drank it.  I have never had caffeine withdrawals because I never let that happen.

Something is seriously wrong with this math.

In my home we rarely have cans of cola around.  We usually purchase 2L bottles of Ginger Ale or a lemon lime soda when it’s on sale- then we stock up!  My personal taste is Dr. Pepper and my wife enjoys Coke Zero, so we pick up one or two of those as well.  Our children drink mostly water, tea or milk.  Treats on the weekend include juice or a glass of pop.  If it’s a family birthday or special occasion, then our kids get a cup of coffee, but it’s half filled with milk or cream.

Now that it’s getting warmer, I’m going to try and enjoy some iced coffees.  However, coffee at our home rarely lasts in the pot long enough to get cold, so I will be resorting to buy my iced coffees elsewhere.  Thank goodness McDonald’s has them for $1.00 all summer!  Time to get caffeinated & cool off.

Blatant advertizing. Only a dollar all summer!

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