Heavy Metal?

Only recently have I really grown to appreciate the glam rockers from the 80’s and 90’s.  Something about the rock ballads they sang that seem so out of place from what the band’s image was portraying.

Poison had some deep lyrics in Cry Tough:

“Life ain’t no easy ride at least that’s what I am told

Sometimes the rainbow baby is better than the pot of gold”

Or when you hear Every Rose Has it’s Thorn you just have to sing along.

Ugly Kid Joe sang about hating Everything About You but could switch gears and do a great cover of The Cat’s In The Cradle.  

Nowadays everyone knows Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing.

Getting more women by looking like women.

Guns ‘n Roses November Rain was a love song about break-ups that was beautifully composed.

I never really listened to this style of music when it first came out.  Yet, somehow it was always there ready for my enjoyment throughout the years.  

Thank you Hair Bands for making the drive to and from work more fun.

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