Earlier today, my wife tweeted:

Every year for the month of May, my wife pauses to take a break from conventions and mass producing hats.  But every June she has trouble getting back into the habits of building up inventory stock and trying to design new products.  She loves what she does, however taking a break causes more harm than good in some ways.  Finding what motivates you to get back at it is the challenge.

Here’s my advice: 

Setting goals helps achieve those feelings of accomplishment.  Start a list of daily achievable goals.  Add on some weekly/monthly goals.  Finally set some yearly goals and five year plans.  It doesn’t have to be monetary goals- it could be a healthier lifestyle goal, traveling, art, music, or in my case- writing.  

All of that advice has been shared hundreds of times.  It’s not an original thought by me in any way.  Sometimes it’s just reading it again that you need to get back at it.  It’s always easier to give up than to get back into a routine.  Push through it.  Get back on that horse.  Make it happen, whatever “it” is.

I set a goal for myself back in mid January to write a daily blog post.  It started off wonderfully as I had numerous ideas and wanted to share them with everyone who would listen (or read in this case).  After about a month or so, I began to struggle.  At one point I was willing to take a “day off” figuring that most people wouldn’t notice, much less care.  If I did this, I’d be cheating mostly myself.  Allowing one day to slip would open the doorway to allowing another day to slip.  Soon my daily goal of writing would turn into a weekly goal, then monthly, then forgotten all together.  

Pushing through the difficulty of what to write was a new goal.  One that surprised me that I needed to make.  I did it.  Yes, some of my blog posts are terrible.  Even writing badly was still writing.  A few gems have come out of my commitment to writing daily.  That’s what helps to keep me going- knowing I can write something worth sharing and that people talk to me about it afterwards.  Not everything I make is worthy of being read let alone shared, but the posts that do get talked about, are the ones I love even more.  It means that people took the time to see a part of my soul that I shared and it somehow enriched their lives.

This is my motivation: Friends and family who care enough to see me succeed.  

Thank you for being there when I needed it.

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