Exploring locally.

I love traveling to new places. I also enjoy seeing the parts that most people overlook. The small bistros, the Indy art scenes, the boutique shoppes; there’s something alive about small towns and big cities that people tend to miss.

What I imagine Whistler to look like.

It’s the individually owned and operated places that add flavor to their city.  I love the small businesses and farmer’s markets around my hometown.  Today we are venturing out to Whistler, BC (about 3hr drive from our home) to meet up with a friend.  I haven’t been there for a couple of decades now.  I’m sure there is plenty to see and do (especially after the 2010 Olympics were there).  Besides the beautiful scenery up in the mountains we are hoping to discover some small shoppes.

Later this weekend, my wife is planning on taking our friend out to showcase our little hometown.  We love the country living and this time of year is especially nice to show it off.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are a plenty, & the weather looks like it should be nice.

Spring time is the best.  We are lucky to live where we do as well.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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