Inside joke

Inevitably it happens.  You are out with a group of friends and something ridiculous is said & everyone laughs.  Except you.  You just sit there and either stifle a laugh or look confused.  Then someone says, “It’s an inside joke.”

I’m ok with letting it slide.  I’m not going to be there every time something randomly funny happens.  Even worse is when one of the people decides to explain to you the inside joke thinking it will help.  Usually it just sounds like a dumb story involving drunk shenanigans that on any regular day wouldn’t have been very funny.  

There are some people who love to use inside jokes as a way of trying to manipulate people or situations into their favor.  It’s like a jab at those who aren’t good enough to be there all the time to experience their level of connection with each other.  Oftentimes these people also post inside jokes on Facebook as a cry for attention.

Most of the inside jokes from my past aren’t funny at all.  In fact, most are so unmemorable that I’ve forgotten them completely.  If an inside joke is truly funny, I think it’s better to share the anecdote than to keep it locked away.

Maybe I feel that way since I’m never part of an inside joke anymore.  Either that, or I am the inside joke.

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