We were at a birthday party last night for a buddy of ours.  It was a lovely evening spent outdoors- there was a BBQ, drinking and karaoke.  Everyone was having a great time, which was really nice to see.  I knew most of the people there, albeit only from other parties held at this home.  They all know each other from the pub and the weekly karaoke nights that are held there.  The reason there was karaoke at this party is because the host whose house we were at is also the regular DJ at the pub.

My little Jem!

I have to admit that there was some really great talent last night.  There was also some bad singing.  At one point early on in the evening, some of the kids got into it.  I haven’t done karaoke in about fifteen or sixteen years.  The extent of my singing is usually in the car belting out along with the radio.  (If you have SiriusXM satellite radio- check out Road Trip Radio on channel 18).  If I sing in the car, my kids hate it.  I’m not very good and I know it.  But I have fun regardless.

This morning my wife mentioned to me that it looked like I really wanted to sing last night. She asked why I didn’t.   I responded that I simply didn’t want to.  That’s partially true.  They say that drinking gives you courage you don’t normally have.  When it comes to karaoke, most people after a few drinks think they can sing.  Not me.  I become more closed off and silent.  Everyone else is out there having fun.  I would feel embarrassed performing a song.  I don’t embarrass easily either- except when it comes to singing.

Last night was a group of friends who regularly sing together.  They have a symbiotic relationship with each other & it shows.  There were some amazing duets performed.  As well, when one person was singing, the rest sang along and showed encouragement.  There was no ridiculing or harassment, except when there was intentionally bad singing, then it was fair game.  

I don’t think anyone will ever hear me sing into a microphone.  That’s where I draw the line on public humiliation.  To those that are courageous and talented enough to sing- keep it up.  The ones, such as myself, really admire you for it.

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