“The Talk”

It’s inevitable.  My kids are growing up and I can’t stop that from happening.  They’re constantly changing and learning about the world around them.  Questions have changed from the innocently asked “why is the sky blue?” to the realistic “what does rape mean?”  

As much as I want to shelter my children, I know that they are growing up and will have questions that make me uncomfortable.  I try my best to explain right from wrong.  But approaching how to talk to my daughters and my son about sex and everything that is connected to that subject is daunting.  

Cyanide & Happiness

Our oldest wished for mom and dad to go away and never speak of these things again.  Where as our middle daughter has been asking some of these tough questions for years now and has no trouble having an open dialogue with us.  Our son, who is only ten, is still at the age where the word “penis” is funny and couldn’t really comprehend much more about reproduction unless I were to compare it in some way to Minecraft.

I know that they will each go through their own hardships as they enter adulthood.  As well, I hope that I’m a good role model for my son to take after when it comes to being respectful towards women.  I also hope that how I treat my wife, my girls, and all the other women on this planet creates in my daughters’ opinions on how a woman should be treated.  Having an open and honest approach has proven valuable in raising our children.  The talks aren’t always easy & the level of difficulty is increasing.  

How I wish I could go back to the day they learned the truth about Santa.  That talk was so much easier in hindsight.

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