Running on MT

Usually I’m doing ok at the end of a nightshift.  This morning I got home, made eggs and hashbrowns for my family and I, had a cup of coffee, & proceeded to have my brain start to shut down.  It hit me almost instantly after my last bite of food.  I was mid conversation with wife person and trailed off into silence.  Words are getting hard to form into sentences.  In fact words are getting hard to just get out for this blog.

We use a ton of shorthand notes at work when relaying information.  As I decided to write this blog before I get some sleep, it is proving difficult.  I have gone back and erased numerous sentences and words.  I was writing in shorthand and had to correct it.  I’m throwing in the towel early today and may write a second piece when I awake.  

My mind is finally getting upset with me and I have nodded off with my phone in hand.

Painful reality this morning.

Ya.  The phone hit me in the face as I tried to write this morning. FML

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