Let’s Make Some Noise!

We need the word of the day to come back.

My wife hates it when I scream.  Sometimes I’ll blurt out my comments really loudly at inopportune moments.  I’ve been known to just screech out profanities when absolutely nothing is going wrong.  I enjoy making loud noises.


At work, right before I answer the phone, I either sing “Who could it be now?”  Or I scream profanities, then calmly pick up the phone and speak to the caller.  This is my little stress reliever since we don’t have call display (21st century people, come on now) and I have no idea who could be on the other end.  

No, there’s nothing wrong with me that I know of.

Sometimes I add sound effects to my daily activities.  Pouring a coffee needs jet sounds.  Pressing the buttons on the microwave needs explosion noises added.  Walking down the hall requires extra creak noises from my mouth.  Running in the mall totally needs me to make gear shift and engine noises.  Life is too short to stay quiet.

My wife disagrees with me.

One day all will be silent- I won’t make a sound.  But until then… You know what to do every time somebody says the secret word.


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