“Sports” Day

Elementary schools all around end their year with Sports Day.  A day of running around outside, wearing team colors, and earning points.  This year at the elementary school my children attend, the students made up the games.  To quote Drew Carey: 

“The rules are made up and the points don’t matter.”

The term “Sports Day” is loosely used.  Except for the amount of running, most of the games are straight out of a frat house (or maybe frat houses use these games).  The kids love it.  There is so much energy and screaming.  The favorite station this year was “Freezies at the Oasis”.  No activity needed- just line up and cool off.

Freezies with friends.

In the previous school that my children attended- I volunteered my time to help out.  At this school, the middle school children ran the stations.  This gave me a chance to follow my son around and cheer him on.  I have no idea what the rules are most of the time.  Most areas involve water somehow.

Hanging out at this year’s Sports Day reminded me of a short film from Expo ’86 (yes, 30 years ago in Vancouver).  I was in grade five when I saw the film Rainbow War at the Canadian Pavilion.  At the end of the film, people were asked to vote for their favorite color by pressing a button on the sides of their seats.  Red, Yellow & Blue were the choices. Before we left the theater, the results were shown.  I have no idea what the poll was used for.  Kind of like I have no idea what the rules at Sports Day are.

Rainbow War

A Rainbow Sea of children.

All the events ended at lunch.  So it was more a “Sports Half Day”.  We ate burgers and hotdogs while the children calmed down.  The afternoon was followed up with a movie shown in the theater for the kids to cool off and relax.  It’s a great way to end a school year from the doldrums of sitting in a classroom.

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