Sad Songs…

Listening to my music on shuffle as I drove home this morning I realized that I have a large collection of sad songs.  This also includes Elton John’s Sad Songs (Say So Much) in the mix.  Not all of the songs are slow and subdued.  Actually, most are fairly upbeat and catchy.  Many of them focus on break-ups, apologies, or heartbreak.

Simple Plan’s “Addicted to You” entertains me at how they enunciate the words.

Puddle of Mud’s “She Hates Me” really gets going by the end.  So much bitterness is expressed.

“Don’t Speak” by No Doubt is lively in it’s portrayal of what breaking up in the 90’s was like.  I heard this song played by many a young lady over the years.  Gwen Stefani really did know how to reach her audience with her music.

“Sylvia’s Mother” by Dr. Hook has the listener sympathizing with the heartbreak of not getting the last chance to talk to Sylvia.

Cee-Lo Green’s “F**k You” is by far one of my favorite break-up songs.  It’s catchy and makes it a blast to swear along with.

Apology songs are a bit different in the fact that many times the artist really is apologizing.  Billy Joel’s a cappella “For the Longest Time” is an excellent example.  Or even U2’s “Sweetest Thing” is a beautiful song that Bono wrote to his wife.

Music can express many emotions.  Often we are drawn to a song because of the feelings it can illicit inside of us.  Artists express their most vulnerable side when they choose to write songs of this style.  I enjoy a good break-up song because it reminds me of the heartache and pain that people go through.  There are many more songs in my collection that are full of sadness.  Personally, I hope to never feel that again in my lifetime.  

Until then, sad songs say so much, so turn them on.


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