Just Visiting

Photo courteousy of NASA

The first time an alien visitor came to earth- he brought with him a vision of peace.  It was quickly misunderstood and feared.  Humanity wasn’t ready to stop fighting.  Even as the visitor tried to spread words of love and compassion he was met with anger and fear. 

Some people understood what he was trying to tell us and began to spread his teachings and thoughts.  After many years, he was hunted down and killed in a spectacle for all to see.  The government at the time had no idea what they had done.  By killing the first non human visitor to Earth, they had started a movement.  The minds of mankind had now been closed off to the chance of a higher knowledge.  

As the visitor died in front of the crowd, he spoke his last remaining sentences.

“I am.”


His followers wrote this down hastily in hopes that someday, future generations would learn what we had done as a species to the one creature who was trying to save us.  His final words were spoken in French.

“Je suis.”


Thousands of years later, wars continue to erupt over the misinterpretation of the writings of his truest followers.  The words changed and morphed from how we could become enlightened into a story of God.  A story that would cause wars filled with death and murder amongst mankind.  Although peace was the original teaching from our first visitor; war was forever brought forth over two final words that were erroneously passed on for generations.

Jesus. Soul.

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