Break time

Middle of the day.  Yardwork is priority while the weather is nice.  Time for me to take a break.  My kids have already taken a dozen or so… Go figure.

Having an acre of land is nice.  Lots of privacy.  But it also has lots of work.  Over the years, we have set up numerous spots to stop and enjoy the yard.  Strategically placed benches have encouraged us to make the most of the views of what they are aiming towards.  I don’t have any favorites since each has something different to look at. 

Side of our driveway.

Our front entry.

Old carseat turned bench on the side of our home.

Our favorite dining area. I have speakers above to enjoy music during our meals.

Relaxing spot to watch the trains roll by(when they are running).


Full sun exposure. This one is at our vegetable garden.

We have a couple more benches and another dining table on the opposite side of our sunroom.  My children also enjoy the deck we have beside the tree fort.  They love doing painting there.

Wicker chairs for my break today.

Break time is over.  Time to rustle up the kids and try to get a couple of more hours of yardwork out of them.

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