On account of rain…

The darkness consumes the sky as the water falls down and the drains overflow with water.  My plans get washed out.  No barbecue.  No walks in the park.  No movies under the stars.  No fires to light our night.  No beach days.  No yardwork.  No summer.

Life shouldn’t end because it starts to rain.  Time to pick up a book.  Enjoy a cup of tea.  Spend time playing a board game with the family.  Or cuddle under a blanket watching a funny film.  Preparing large dinners in the kitchen.  All while staying cozy and happy.

When the rain ends it makes the sun seem brighter.  The water levels rise and the plants get revitalized.  The outdoors become abuzz with activity. The fields are greener and ready to be played on.  The animals are chirping and hustling around.  Life starts anew.  The journey continues.

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