The Buddy Bench

At my children’s school, near the playground, is a bench.  It’s called “The Burns Buddy Bench”.  You sit there if you need a friend.  I’ve seen kids feeling left out take a seat at the bench.  Within moments another child sits beside them.  Soon they are off and happy again.  It’s a fantastic idea and really makes all the children feel included.  As an adult I still need a buddy from time to time.

I was going through the photos on my iPhone today when I came across the photo I took of the bench.  I forgot that I had taken the picture a few weeks ago.  I originally was going to write about what I’ve witnessed with the kids and childhood friendships.  

Today though, it made me think of a couple of “buddies” I have relied on recently.  I have been feeling a bit frustrated because of work lately and it carries over into my personal life.   

Post Nighshift Breakfast date.

My one buddy is a friend named Russ who I met at work years ago.  He does essentially the same job as I do- but has done it longer than me.  He understands exactly the frustration that we go through on a regular basis.  We often share stories together after a shift ends.  I’m really lucky that I can talk with him so openly (Aka: Our bitch session).  A couple of years ago, we even went on a roadtrip to Disneyland with his family and had a great time.

The other buddy I have relied heavily on is my wife.  We have been inseparable since we met sixteen years ago.  The longest we were apart was for two weeks when I went away for training one time.  Beyond that, it’s been less then 72 hours at a time.  Even that is rarely happening.  We talk and text daily.  I could go on about her for days on end…  I’m very lucky to have her in my life.

Me and my buddy Mickey Mouse.

I have numerous other friends who are there when I need them as well.  A quick text, phone call or visit makes me happy.  Sometimes when my friends are alone on the bench, I end up being the buddy who sits beside them to cheer them up.

Having a buddy when you need it is a wonderful feeling.  The world needs more Buddy Benches.

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