Time is on my side.

My home is filled with clocks.  As I write this post I can hear three of them ticking away.  Nearly every room in my house has a clock.  Most of them are analog.  None of them run on gears or wind up mind you.  In some of these clocks, the batteries have died and I’m too lazy to replace them.  

Our microwave and stove have digital clocks.  My children each have a digital alarm clock in their rooms.  I threw my alarm clock away a couple of years ago.  Our bedroom now has no clock.  Since the abolishment of our VCR, our living room doesn’t constantly flash 12:00.  Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.  We also haven’t watched tv the way it was intended for a few years now. No need to plop on the couch at 8pm anymore since we haven’t had cable tv for years.

I like our clocks.  It’s a bit strange that we have so many.  Sometimes I think about filling an entire wall with clocks.  But unless they were all synced up, my ocd would freak out.  I’d also love to own a real grandfather clock or a cuckoo clock.  Perhaps one day we will.

We have a small collection of pocket watches as well.  My kids love them.  I have two cheap wrist watches that I used to wear, but this Fitbit thing has been on me 24/7.  (Which I’m going to take off now since I’ve realized that it isn’t accurately counting my steps or floors.  Probably something to do with being 6’8″ and having a long stride.)  I’d love to buy myself a fancy wristwatch.  There’s a guy at my work who has a nice collection of wrist watches that I’m a bit jealous of.

Having time or finding the time is a constant struggle that most people face. Honestly, if it wasn’t for having to go to work and my children in school, I’d probably not care too much about what time of day it is.  Whenever I have a few days off or I am on vacation, I don’t like to wear a watch.  I end up being awake at the crack of dawn and pass out late in the night.

Time is on my side.  But I have to run now.  I let too much time slip by as I wrote this.


  1. wonderflonium27 · August 22, 2016

    Some of those are gorgeous! I especially love the modern first one but it looks like you have some vintage clocks as well! If none wind I bet someone once upon a time took the original movement out and replaced it with a battery powered one at some point – if you don’t mind then it’s a win-win. Check out my blog for some of the clocks i work with. I only work with vintage and antiques, but only because they’re so much fun to take apart. Battery operated ones can be gorgeous too. I’m thinking in particular of that gorgeous corner wall shelf clock you showrd 😍

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