July 15, 2016

14 years ago today, our first child was born.  She was born five days after our one year anniversary.  My wife promised me a year without children and I guess she was right.  The shock of finding out we were about to become parents hit me pretty hard and fast.  We were in the doctor’s office and given the results.  The nurse had to ask if I was ok because apparently the color flushed from my face rather quickly.  I quickly came to grips with my new future and have really enjoyed having children.  Random Katarin, our oldest child, has been pretty amazing over the years.  Today, I would like to share some facts about her.

The rare “Smiling Selfie with Dad”.

Random Katarin Havelka

  • Loves Doctor Who-favorite character is the TARDIS 
  • Been playing piano since kindergarten & recently finished her Grade 5 Royal Conservatory exam with Honors
  • Has been playing flute for three years now and is wanting to explore more instruments

Her first ever real “Cosplay”. Meet Samantha Butterfly.

  • She loves cosplay and has been to numerous conventions and has had hundreds of photos taken of her characters
  • She loves videogames as much as her mother and is very good at them
  • She loves movies as much as her father and often shares with me facts and tidbits about films
  • Loves eating sushi

Reading time with her little sister.

  • She loves to read.
  • She has become an awesome big sister to her two siblings.
  • She has a great sense of humor and often does silly voices with me
  • She enjoys baking for people

Her name in show.

  • She was named after the daughter named Random from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” book five.
  • She loves fashion and designing cosplay for herself

Being silly for dad.

Random has become a wonderful young lady.  She is full of life and has a promising future ahead of her.  I miss the times when she was swaddled up in a blankie and would fit in one arm.  I am lucky enough that she often comes up and hugs me for no reason.  Sometimes it happens in public!  Sure, I embarrass her- that’s what fathers are meant to do.

In the end she knows I love her.  I would do anything for her.  I hope she continues to grow (just not much taller- she’s cresting six feet!) and succeed at all her endeavors.

I love you little girl.  Have a Happy Birthday!

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