Dentist: Six Month Review.

Tools of the trade don’t scare me.

I usually don’t fear the dentist.  Today’s visit is no different.  My dental hygiene is pretty good.  I brush regularly and floss.  Just kidding- I never floss.  I’m bad at that part and the dental hygienist lets me know every time.  At the end of my visit they toss in a dental floss.  I have a collection of unused floss at home, but I really should’t tell them I don’t want it.

Sticking the vacuum in my mouth sucks. #dadjokes

At one point from age 20-26 I couldn’t afford to see the dentist.  I also didn’t have any dental coverage from work either.  When I finally did see the dentist, I had zero cavities.  Lucky me!  However, I really needed my wisdom teeth pulled.  One had broken through my gums and was starting to rot.  Talk about pain.  A pain I don’t wish on anyone.  I don’t even want to write about it.

Today during my sonic cleaning, for the first time ever, the sound pierced my ear causing me to twitch.  My hygienist asked if I was in pain and I explained what happened.  She said that occasionally occurs.  It reminded me of a toy I bought sixteen years ago by Chuppa Chups.  It was a radio that you stuck a lollipop into and when you bit down, the vibrations sent music directly into your head.  Coolest toy ever!  It’s somewhere in my home, I think I’ll have to dig it out now.

My current dentist and his team of dental hygienists are really fantastic.  They have all taken the time to get to know us.  They talk about our trips to Comicons, my work schedule and what the kids are doing in school.  It’s a nice feeling to know that we aren’t just a dental claim through my insurance.  As a thank you I may just open this container of floss and use it.  Maybe.


  1. coti · July 20, 2016

    I was like you floss? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS.


  2. KWS Adams · August 1, 2016

    OMG, i fear dentists. The reason is having lost 4 teeth already. Great post thanks for sharing. Check out the best electric auto toothbrushes as I reviewed


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