Repair or replace it

We have owned our Honda Element new since 2003.  It’s the only car we’ve ever bought brand new. It’s been through a lot with our family and watched us grow.  It’s been a part of our family for 13 years this month in fact.  As wonderful as it is to buy a new car off the lot, we would never do it again.  Over $35,000 spent once it was paid off.  The vehicle may be worth $2,500 for trade in value now.

I love the car.  We have put nearly 265,000km on it with the only major repair being a new clutch.  But repairs are about to start costing more than its value.  All of the wear & tear, nicks & scratches have come from the use & abuse we have put it through.  The Element has endured rather well.  This vehicle is a great commuter car for a tall guy like me.  It’s a 5 speed manual transmission with a four cylinder engine.  It’s fun to drive and has a bit of pep to it.  The repairs are mostly cosmetic and I should get them done at some point anyways.

Cracked taillight from when I backed into a pole.  D’oh.

Cracked windshield from years of highway driving.

Muffler held together with wire.

My oldest is only a couple of years away from getting her license so I think we will keep this mini SUV for her to use when the time comes.  I don’t think we will ever get rid of the car.  It should last us for many more years. 

 If Honda still made the Element, I would consider buying another one for myself.  It’s hard for me to find a new vehicle for myself since I haven’t driven a car since 2003 and SUVs aren’t exactly the most fuel efficient vehicles out there. We ditched our minvan five years ago for a Nissan Pathfinder (another fantastic vehicle btw) and I don’t think we could justify buying another large truck or SUV at this time.

Hopefully within a couple of years, a “new to me” vehicle will grace my driveway.  But until then, I should probably get the oil changed regularly and fill the tires with air as needed.

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