Maybe I don’t like you.

Yesterday I went to work.  (Like I do most days that I’m required to if I want a paycheck.)  For the most part, I really like the job and the people I work with.  During my shift yesterday a coworker said I do a pretty good job and asked me if I like my job on a scale of one to ten.  Ten being “Best Dream Job Ever” and one being “I wake up everyday wanting to shoot myself in the face.”  After some thought, I said I’d put my job at a 6.5-7 on most days.  

However… Occasionally there is someone I work with whom I just can’t stand.  There are only a select few actually.  Not bad considering there are a few hundred people that I deal with regularly including customers, supervisors, and people in other departments.  Working in an industry that has varied shifts and on-call workers is a blessing some days.  This means oftentimes I won’t be stuck dealing with those that I don’t like.

Back to yesterday- because it was the most recent situation.  I showed up to work to get the turnover from the fellow before me.  I trained him last year and he’s really good at his job (patting myself on the back here!).  He tells me that he is always thinking throughout his shift “What Would Josef Do?”  He always has the start of my shift set up for success.  When I turnover to the next Yardmaster, I do my best to leave them in good shape as well.  You never want to be “That Guy” who sucks at their job.  Trust me.  Those people get their names scrawled on bathroom walls… because hey, we are grown ups here.

Sometimes I think I need to keep my opinion to myself about which coworkers I like and don’t like.  But that can be difficult when you just need to get it off your chest.  I was talking with my fellow Yardmaster yesterday as he was finishing his shift and I was about to begin, I let it slip, nay outright mentioned, a coworker that I hated working with.  He laughed and said to me that that person earlier in the day mentioned how much they enjoy working with me.  Dammit-all-to-heck.  

I am usually overly kind to the people I can’t stand.  I knew I did this.  My wife has pointed it out to me as well.   It’s a fault I have.  Unfortunately it means that they think I enjoy their company.  

Trust me, if I liked you and wanted to be your friend, I’d treat you like shit.  Ask any of my close friends how nice I really am.

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