Aw dang.

In my infinite wisdom this evening, I stubbed my big toe as I began up the stairs towards my bedroom.  I stumbled uncharismatically in hopes of not landing on said toe.  I was successful in my not-so-graceful-toe-saving-recovery by reaching out to the bannister.  I stopped myself from falling.  Needless to say that hand was holding my cellphone.

The post of destruction.

Perhaps if I had turned on the lights to the stairway before I entered this could have been avoided.  Or maybe I should have been focusing on where I needed to go, not what my next plan was tonight.  My carelessness allowed my mind to wander for that brief millisecond.  My iPhone paid the price.

Why did I have to crack my screen (again)?  I wasn’t even looking on my iPhone at the time.  After the last screen break, I put on a new flip case to protect it.  That worked excellent for the past nine months; except tonight.  I was carrying my iPhone with the flip case open.  I don’t normally do that anymore (unless looking for Pokemon).

Why am I so stupid?  Arg.  We have good health care up here in Canada- my toe wouldn’t have cost me a dime to fix.  In fact, if I was off work for more than three days due to an injury, my extended medical from work would kick in.  Sure, it doesn’t pay as much as working.  Plus the fact that I’d have a broken toe.  It’s still a stupid mistake I made tonight.  But I’m not stupid because I cracked my iPhone screen (again).  I’m stupid because… 

I tried to take a screen shot of the cracked screen to show you…

“Why isn’t this picture working?” 

*long pause as brain clicks back on*  

“Oh wow.  I am stupid.” -Me only moments ago.  But now you can see what my home screen looks like.  I’m going to go have a beer and use my iPhone as a coaster now. Dangit.

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