Violet Hair

When I was a late teen, I would dye my hair.  Usually blonde, but occasionally a natural red.  About 12 years ago, I did a dark black and I looked awful.  That’s one colour I will never do again.  

Working on my Nerd Cred.

I mentioned my blue hair a few months ago that I did for a Rick & Morty Cosplay.  Then I decided to go purple to try out a new product.  I loved the color & it lasted for quite some time.  It has since faded to a pink/yellow hybrid.  Slowly, my bleached hair is becoming noticeable these days.

Do you find it… wisible… when I say the name… ‘Biggus’… Dickus?

I don’t mind having pink hair.  People at my work have begun to accept that this is what I do and offer me advice on my next hair colour.  In fact, it’s now starting to go beyond just my coworkers suggesting colours.  The other day my boss brought his six year old daughter by for a few minutes.  She was shy to talk at first, but upon seeing me she began to talk about hair colours and what she wants her hair to look like.  She thought it was neat that I did this and said that I need to go bright red to match my work colours.

It seems that my next colour choice is going to be red.  Pretty much like Ronald McDonald red.  It should be an easy change from the current cotton candy pink my hair is.

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