Hangover Cure

We had a little get together to celebrate our anniversary back in July.  We were lucky that the weather held up and got to enjoy the backyard.  There was good friends, good food and lots of laughs.  With these get togethers there’s also some drinking involved.

That night I only had a couple drinks.  But I kept feeding my wife and a few of our friends some pretty stiff drinks.  Needless to say, there was some talk of being hungover the next day.
We aren’t getting any younger, so drinking in excess is not a good idea.  It really hasn’t been a good idea since having children.  Dealing with babies or toddlers while nursing a hangover is not an ideal way to adult.

Joining the world of “adulthood” at the legal drinking age is pretty much a rite of passage.  You go out and party on a Friday, regret it Saturday morning, sleep the day away, and head out drinking on the Saturday night.  Your mind and body can take the abuse.  Pretty sure I’ve had weekend benders that killed my brain cells and lungs.  Although remembering what I did wasn’t really important at the time.  Thank goodness cellphone cameras and social media wasn’t around.

I’m not a big fan of getting myself into the hangover state any more, much less getting stupid drunk.  A couple beverages after a rough day can take the edge off.  No need to induce a hangover on my days off just because I can.  I’m all growed up now.  The best cure for a hangover is not to drink.

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