Labour Day

As Labour Day draws to an end, I look at what it means.  Today is a day to appreciate the eight hour work day and the five day work week.  Brought to us by Unions.  Unions brought Canadians The Canada Pension Plan and Maternity (Parental) Leave.  Unions continue to fight for fair wages and livelihoods of people.  Whether you work for a Union or not- somewhere, somehow, what you enjoy today was brought to you by a Union. 

Tomorrow is the first day of school.  The teachers are unionized and have fought for better class sizes and more assistance in the classroom.  A couple of years ago in BC, the school year didn’t start on time because of the battle between the Teacher’s Union and the government.  People were angry at both sides that their children were caught in the middle.  An agreement was reached and educating the children went on.

Where I work, we have a pretty darn good Union.  I’ve been a part of a Union before, but I never really saw the benefits- probably because I was too young and lived paycheck to paycheck.  Now, I fully appreciate what my Union has done for me.  Both before I joined as well as since I’ve joined.

Maybe today’s blog post sounded a bit preachy.  Maybe you agree with me.  Maybe you just want to enjoy another three day long weekend.  Whatever your Labour Day entails, remember not to wear white after today.  Time Magazine explains that one…

Hey, if you love working, check out the episode of Adam Ruins Work.  You’ll thank me because it’s a funny show…

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