Proud of where I work…

I have a pretty darn good job.  It’s a fun job.  It’s a well paying job.  It’s a job that my family is proud to say that I do.  Every year my work puts on “CN Family Day”.  Today the sun was out and it was a beautiful day for hanging out in the train yard.

We have gone every year since 2008.  My children love going.  The company offers up free swag, door prizes, candy, popcorn and catered lunch.  There are balloon animals, face painting, bouncy castles and train rides.  The train rides are on small trains and a full size passenger train that goes up and down the yard.  There is an engine on display for people to walk through and learn about how it works.  The diesel shops are open for people to see.  Also at the CN Family Day are police, fire and ambulances on display.  Even the local model train clubs come out and everyone gets to play with trainsets.

Taking a tour of the locomotive.

Look at those smiles!

Bouncy Castles!

Every year- one or two of my family members walk away with a door prize.  My son even won a mountain bike one year.  My kids brought some friends with them today.  It was neat to hear my children talk about the rail yard and trains.  It seems that my children honestly like my job and have paid attention to what I do.  Their knowledge is pretty accurate and they are proud of their dad.  That makes me happy.

I was a conductor on the Royal Hudson back in 2010.

I’ve even had some one of a kind moments that I would never have experienced elsewhere.  One day I was called to be a conductor for a steam train because no one else was available.  I jumped out of bed and was so excited.  It was the one and only time I have been the conductor on a steam engine.  Even the supervisors all wanted to ride in the passenger car that day.  It was a special run specifically brought down to Vancouver for a photo shoot.

Our ticket to ride the Lilly Belle in Disneyland.

Since becoming a railroader, my family has taken many trips to see rail museums and ride on trains.  Even in Disneyland, the engineer on the Monorail was more interested in my job than I was with his.  He made us stay up front for two trips just to talk trains.  That same visit to Disneyland, my son mentioned that I worked for a railroad so we got to ride in the Lilly Belle passenger car.  The Disneyland employee gave us a private tour around the park and discussed the history of the passenger car.  In Edmonton, we were given a private trip in an exclusive remodeled passenger car because I talked railroad with the fellow running the train.

Full size Thomas.

To say my job has perks is an understatement.  I love what I do.  My kids love what I do.  CN has become family to me since the beginning of my hiring on.  

Today was another successful CN Family Day.

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